Beijing Galleries


北京公社 Beijing Commune

The “little” space under the artistic direction of Mr. Leng Lin, who is now the president of the Pace Gallery Beijing. Look for Leng’s professionally installed exhibitions, featuring some of the most sought-after artists of today: Hai Bo, Fang Lijun, Liu Jianhua, Yue Minjun, Song Dong, etc, most of are whom, incidentally, former classmates of Mr. Leng.

长征空间 Long March Space

The Long March Space straddles a place somewhere between non-profit arts institution, commercial gallery, and museum. Look for socially conscious programming, artists on the vanguard, or pushing their personal limits, and watch for the Long March’s ongoing project to transmit Chinese contemporary art across the world! A mission almost equal to their lofty ambitions.

东京画廊 Beijing-Tokyo Gallery

Beijing’s first gallery, the Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, shows a blend of artists from Japan and China. Shows range from architectural documents to installation and strange performance art. Worth a visit.

星 空间 Star Gallery

China’s young artists in a “heaven” of their own. See all Post 70s artists, all the time, Star Gallery is a world of its own.

唐人画廊 Tang Contemporary

Look for exhibitions with enormous budgets in this enormous space, which manages to pull in some of the biggest artist names in China.

尤伦斯当代艺术中心 Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)

Enjoy the Ullens Family collection and curated shows with real international flair. There’s a gift shop, a restaurant, and educational activities that should make your day.


草场地 Caochangdi

Boers-Li Gallery (formerly Universal Studios) Boers-Li gallery is operated by international team Pi Li, who hails from the Art History Department at CAFA, and Waling Boers, curator, writer and founding Director of BüroFriedrich-Berlin. Showing primarily Chinese artists, with some spectacular installations of late.

China Art and Archives Warehousethe first gallery in Caochangdi, Ai Weiwei is acting art director of CAAW, shows a good mix of mostly conceptual painting.

doARTThe late-comer to Beijing of the three Korean giants (Arario, PKM included), doArt is owned by Gallery Hyundai, whose multi-storied space in Seoul perhaps rivals its Caochangdi location. With the Hyundai reputation to bear, doArt works hard at international caliber shows with Chinese, Korean and other international artists.

麦勒画廊 Galerie Meile Situated in an enormous, freestanding brick complex designed by Ai Weiwei, one of its represented artists, Galerie Meile has built a reputation for bringing high quality Chinese artists to Europe and fostering their work at home and abroad.

Pekin Fine ArtsThe gallery homebase of dynamic dealer and Chinese art world maven Meg Maggio, showing high quality shows deftly installed with an increasing number of overseas artists.

站台中国 Platform ChinaIndeed a platform for young artists, experimental, conceptual and especially video art, Platform China dominates the “East End Arts” complex across from Three Shadows.

PKM GalleryOne of the three Korean giants to establish enormous art spaces in Beijing, a growing reputation of bringing international caliber artists to China, with a focus on Korean contemporary.

三影堂 Three Shadows PhotographyThis newly established non-profit center for the advancement of photography and its study realized the long-term dream of its founders, photographer Rong Rong (of early East Village fame) and his Japanese artist wife, Inri.

8 April 2008 by sinopop
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